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Racing Factors

A worldwide horse racing platform driven by Karrotz coins

Users earn Karrotz by simply playing free-to-enter daily Pick 10 competition. Buy and trade racehorse NFTs and earn prize money as Karrotz when your horse win or place in real race events.
Pick 10 competition

Pick 10 competition

Earn free Karrotz coins in our daily picking challenge

The Pick 10 is a free-to-enter daily competition for all Racing Factors members. View our demonstration video below. Play video
Legends & Active NFTs

Racehorse NFTs

Own a racehorse NFT and earn Karrotz if your horse wins a race

Owners of any Active racehorse NFTs will earn Karrotz when their horses win a real race. Owners of Legends racehorse NFTs will have exclusive access to our VIP club. More information
What are factors?

Form factors

Horse racing form study in minutes not hours

Factors makes horse racing form study quick and easy. See Factors in action by viewing our demonstration video below. Play video


What are Factors?

Laborious form study is a thing of the past when you use Factors, as all the data you need is instantly available. Knowledge is power. So, to make the best possible assessment of a race you need to know things like:

What is the horse's record with this jockey? At this track? At this distance? With this headgear? And so on.

Researching this sort of information can take ages, even if you use some of the specialist software and platforms available.

Now Racing Factors has collated this data for you in an easy-to-read format. It's the same information that you could spend hours researching yourself, but available instantly.

Therefore, even on busy race days you can be ahead of the game.

There are three main headings: the Horse Factor (Green), the Jockey Factor (Red), and the Trainer Factor (Blue). These are effectively different starting points to suit different users.

The summary of each main heading - produced by our bespoke algorithm - is expressed as a number in the three circles alongside the horse's name.

On the landing page for each race you can easily see which horse has the highest Factors in each of the three main categories, as those circles are coloured in. Press each Factor to see all the subsections within that Factor as demonstrated in our video above.

Please note Factors are only displayed before a race as they refer to the conditions of that race alone.

Factors are not tips!

The ethos of Racing Factors is that we provide the information, but it is you who decides how to use it.

Factors are not tips in themselves but are useful tools to highlight which horses are likely to be best suited by the conditions of the particular race in question.

We do include the official ratings in the Horse Factor information but don't have our own speed figures or similar, as in our view these systems are open to interpretation.

Racing Factors provides the bare facts for you and the only opinion that counts is yours.

Everyone is different. So, certain users will only be interested in particular subsections within the main Factors. While others may only look at the summary percentages in the main headings, and so on.

How are Factors calculated?

The figures for the three main Factor headings are produced by a complex algorithm. The subsections within each Factor are assessed and combined to produce a summary expressed as a percentage.

How we do this is obviously a trade secret. What we can tell you is that the algorithm has been designed to take opinion out of the process.

Therefore, as the Factors are not affected by opinions, or the vagaries of the markets, they will often point in the direction of horses with the best form under the race conditions.

With regards to UK racing, the historical data used by the algorithm goes back to the start of 2011. The starting point varies in some of the other territories covered but is clearly noted within each Factor.

Unlike most racing publications, the information for all Factors is updated in real time after every race, live!

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